Foreign Language Credit FAQs

Who is eligible to apply for credit?

Students who meet the following requirements:

  • Enrollment in 9th – 12th grade at a public or private high school. (LAHHS is happy to grant credit for work done in the 8th grade. However, each high school is different in the acceptance of this credit. Please check with your individual high school regarding acceptance of 8th grade work.)
  • Full Time program students.  If you are attending the Sunday Only Program, you are not eligible.
  • Students who have completed, with a passing grade, all course requirements.

Which schools will grant credit?

All Conejo Valley, Los Angeles, Las Virgenes, Oak Park, Santa Monica/Malibu, Hart and Culver City Unified School District schools will grant credit.
Many other public and private schools will grant credit on an individual basis. If you attend a school in this category, we advise you to meet with your school counselor as soon as possible to discuss the possibility of credit for your work at LAHHS.

How much credit can I receive?

CVUSD, LAUSD, LVUSD, OPUSD, SMMUSD, HUSD, CCUSD: 10 Foreign Language Credits per year, for a maximum of 4 years, or 40 credits.
Other schools and districts: Usually 10 credits per year of Foreign Language Credit. We strongly encourage you to discuss the credit you can receive for your work at LAHHS with your public school guidance counselor.

Do I get graded credit? How are the grades formulated?

Yes! The grade represents an average of all of your LAHHS final course grades with your Modern Hebrew and weekday Judaic Text grades counting double.

How do I go about getting credit?

At the beginning of the school year, the LAHHS office will send out the “Application and Authorization Form for Foreign Language Credit.” Appropriate instructions will accompany this form.