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Welcome from Dr. Amittai Benami

Welcome to LA Hebrew High!

We are delighted that you have taken an interest in our school.

LA Hebrew High has been a prime highlight for teens in the LA Jewish community for close to seventy years. The teen years for this Millenial generation Y and the upcoming generation Z are exciting years, full of potential, energy, and a unique dynamism compared to teens of year past.  These are the generations for which that which is taught today is practically irrelevant and outdated by the time they graduate college.  Yet, teach we must !

It is a grave responsibility deciding what and how to teach this generation – what accumulated knowledge and values of the past are worthy of transmission, and remain essential for buildingtomorrow’s citizens. The responsibility is even more critical for Jewish educators faced with the contemporary challenges of teen detachment and  alienation from any forms of Jewish identity.

With that in mind, our school continues to renew itself, while maintaining the proven texts, language, and the embedded values they express that are beyond the effects of time. Equipped with these skills, we prepare teens to ask the right questions, learn how to explore the answers, and make decisions in their lives that will determine their commitment, role, and forms of engagement with the Jewish community, thereby assuring its continuity.

The Hebrew language is more than just a language  –  it is a history – the reflection of an ever changing, evolving culture, a preservation of values. Fluency in Hebrew transmits more than just proficiency in another foreign language – it is a doorway to a history of traditions and values and the thought patterns of a nation, and grants membership opportunities for participation and leadership in our community.

We invite you to become students, friends , and supporters of LA Hebrew High as in its mission of providing today’s teens the best tools for continuing their voyage of Jewish identification, commitment, expression, joyful moments.