Creative Writing – Visual Arts Competition

LA Hebrew High School is conducting a Creative Writing – Visual Arts Competition!

Watch the two videos below to learn how you can become on of the winners of over $250 total in prizes!

Two $72 First Place and Two $54 Second Place prizes to be awarded!

Video 1:  Contest Background

Video 2:  Contest Example

LA Hebrew High Creative Arts Competition Rules

1. This contest is open to all currently registered LA Hebrew High School students.

2. All entries will consist of 1-2 supplemental stanzas in Hebrew continuing the poem “Eli Eli” by Hannah Senesh (see the text in Hebrew and English at the end of this Email), capturing the essence of her content in describing things that should last forever (e.g. children playing – ילדים משחקים ). Every entry must include the first line of the poem as an introduction. Every entry must include at least four additional lines and describe four additional items. Entries may be in verbal form as a poem, a song, etc. and /or a visual arts form such as a painting or drawing. Musical compositions and or vocal reading entries may be performed and submitted as a video, together with the text in legible written form. Entries presented as technology products such as PowerPoint or a video will also be accepted. Paintings or drawings should be submitted as a photo. Judges may request to see the original.

3. The use of a Hebrew-English dictionary, Google Translate or the like to prepare the entries is permitted.

4. Entries must be submitted by Email to by Sunday, September 6th, 11:59 PM.

5. Entries will be judged on a combination of factors including creativity – originality, use of Hebrew, and artistic presentation.

6. Every entry must include a 15 to 20 second video introducing the composer / artist of the submission.

7. Submission of entries is deemed approved by the student and family to bethe entry may be shared for promotional purposes together with the name of the composer / artist.

8. The panel of Judges will include the members of the school administration, faculty, and the Board of Trustees who may have backgrounds in Hebrew and the creative arts.

9. All decisions of the judges will be final. In order to take into account varying Hebrew levels, there will be two prize divisions. The only distinction between them will be judging at the Hebrew level. In all other regards the two divisions will be rated equally. The two categories include:

a. Students from native Hebrew speaking families and/or Day School students who have/will enter the school on level Daled or higher.

b. Students from non-Hebrew speaking backgrounds whose parents do not speak Hebrew with them at home (with the exception of the day school students described above).


In each category there will be a first place price of $72 and a second place prize of $54, payable as Amazon gift cards.


Wishing you enjoyment and success through your submissions.

A Walk to Caesarea ( Eli Eli – My God, My God)

Hannah Senesh

My God, My God, I pray that these things never end

The sand and the sea,

The rustle of the waters,

Lightning of the heavens,

The prayer of man.

(הליכה לקסריה (א-לי א-לי

חנה סנש

א-לי א-לי שלא ייגמר לעולם

החול והים

רשרוש של המים

ברק השמיים

.תפילת האדם