B’Amerika Article: Dana Fridman

Our online teaching guru, Dana Fridman, was written up recently in the November 2018 issue of the local Israeli Hebrew magazine “B’Amerika”, (“We are in America”). Enjoy reading the following translated excerpts:

Dana was born in Jerusalem where she learned English, French, and Spanish. She taught English in Israeli elementary schools. She arrived from Israel to Los Angeles in the year 2002. Metukah Benjamin, who at the time was the principal of the Stephen S. Wise school system, observed her teaching a class. She was impressed and hired Dana as a teacher. Dana studied with Ofra Dor, who taught her how to use differentiated instruction in teaching a foreign language, and with Esti Gross.

Dana had an idea how to implement online virtual classroom instruction with afternoon schools, and she suggested it to Dr. Benami, the principal of Los Angeles Hebrew High School. He met with her, was excited with her idea, and adopted it. Today, as a supplement to their weekly study all the students attend supplemental online sessions in virtual classrooms with Dana and two additional teachers. On Sundays the students meet with their friends and teachers at the Emek Academy where LA Hebrew High meets, learning Hebrew, joining different elective classes, and creating social bonds that strengthen their Jewish identity and their relationship to Israel.  The benefit of the online virtual classroom is that students can learn in their own homes, in an experiential, comfortable, pleasant environment. They don’t have to lose time carpooling and commuting!

We here at LA Hebrew High are proud of Dana and her accomplishments, and grateful for the role she has played in initiating the online component of our program and training additional faculty members to become online instructors.

The full article (in Hebrew) is available below.