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8th – 12th Grades
For high school foreign language credit and LAHHS diploma

Our traditional WASC-accredited LAHHS program is an attractive addition to any college application includes full participation on Sundays and one weekday a week. Participants receive a Hebrew High School graduate diploma, High school foreign language credit and much more.


  • High School Foreign Language Credits
  • Hebrew language tracked classes
  • Hebrew Language elective choices
  • Academic Judaic elective choices
  • Fun general elective choices
  • Shabbaton retreats
  • Israel Partnership Program

8th-11th Grades
For high school foreign language credit 

Our NEWEST program is offered on weekdays only and is combined with an online learning component. Great option for self-disciplined students who already have busy extracurricular schedules and want to improve their Hebrew and stay connected to Jewish peers. Made possible by The Ellie and Mark Lainer Family Foundation.  


  • Modern Hebrew language skill acquisition
  • Biblical Hebrew
  • High School Foreign Language Credit
  • Supplemental online sessions
  • Weekday classes at select branches in the City or Valley
  • WASC-accredited online learning component

7th-12th Grades

This program is for students who want to continue a quality Jewish learning experience with a more limited time commitment.


  • Hebrew language and Judaics
  • Academic Judaic elective choices
  • Fun general elective choices
  • Shabbaton retreats


Curriculum Overview

LAHHS’s core curriculum emphasizes Hebrew language and literature as well as Jewish text study including a variety of biblical, rabbinic, ethical, philosophical and historical texts.

Hebrew Language

Students learn to express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions on various topics and achieve Hebrew proficiency equivalent to a first semester college course in Hebrew.

Judaic Studies

Our Judaic Studies program is comprised of three components: Bible Study, Core Judaic Courses and Academic Electives.

General Electives

Students choose from one of many amazing General Elective courses. The partnership Program class is also available to 9th Grade students as an elective!

Israeli Partnership

The School Twinning Program, sponsored and subsidized by the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, is an exchange program between teenagers from Ironi Dalet High School in Tel Aviv and our Los Angeles Hebrew High School students.

Branch Locations

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Bus transportation is available from Los Angeles, The San Fernando Valley, and Santa Clarita. Full time students, who take classes on a weekday as well, can choose from the following branch locations for their convenience.

Foreign Language Credit FAQs

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Parent & Student Handbook

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