Major Gifts

Major Gift Campaign
Los Angeles Hebrew High School
proudly acknowledges
Major Gift supporters of the following
branches, programs, and scholarships:

The Ruth Ziegler Endowment Fund

Branch Locations

Pilch Family Branch at Temple Beth Am

Ken Rowen Branch at Valley Beth Shalom


The Ellie and Mark Lainer Family Foundation Hebrew Limmud Online Program

Charles Ziman (ז”ל) T’fillah Program

Rabbi Elliot and Marlynn Dorff Ethics Program

Judith and Louis Miller Modern Jewish History Program

Rabbi Jacob Pressman Senior Seminar by Rose Pilch and Howard Pilch

Dr. Daniel & Dalia Farkas Junior Seminar

Marilyn and Sigi (ז”ל) Ziering Judaic Studies Program

Kamenir Shabbaton Retreat by the Ziegler Family Foundation


Shirley and Arthur Whizin (ז”ל) Etz Hayim Text Fund

The Simha and Sara Lainer (ז”ל) Family Foundation

toward Hebrew Language Program

Scholarship Circle

Dr. Walter & Frances Ackerman (ז”ל) Scholarship Endowment Fund

by the Baran and Spiwak Families

Sarah and Ben Baran (ז”ל) Scholarship Fund

Ilan Biederman (ז”ל) Scholarship Fund

Zahava & Morris Farbstein (ז”ל) Scholarship Fund

Samuel & Bess Farkas (ז”ל) Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Bart Kogan Tikun Olam Awards Fund

Janet & Maxwell (ז”ל) Salter Scholarship Fund

Stacy & Jesse Sharf Family Scholarship Fund

Sherri Berke Silverman (ז”ל) Class of 1969 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Sharf Family Scholarship Fund

Sam B. Steinberg, Jacqueline Steinberg and Melinda Gribbs-Steinberg (ז”ל) Memorial Scholarship Fund

Waterman Financial Aid Scholarship Fund

Weiss Family Scholarship Fund