Etz Chaim Society ~ New Members

Thank you to those that attended our Etz Chaim Society Event with Dr. Michael Berenbaum!
It was an inspiring evening.

Most importantly, THANK YOU to all our supporters. Your generous donations help make LA Hebrew High happen – we couldn’t do this without you.

Thank you to our Etz Chaim event committee for planning this awesome event! Thank you Michael Berenbaum for joining us – we needed another hour to hear your wisdom! Yasher Koach! Thank you Rabbi Richard Camras for moderating this wonderful evening!

Joining Etz Chaim Society shows
150+ LA Hebrew High students
you support their Jewish Education!

What do our students have to say?

The Etz Chaim Society is our Tree of Life that constitutes a group of dedicated supporters who perpetuate the existence of Los Angeles Hebrew High School. Etz Chaim Society members annually provide the bedrock of support that allows for LAHHS to plant the seeds for future generations of committed Jews with an appreciation of lifelong Jewish learning and living.

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  • Exclusive annual event for Etz Chaim Society members
  • Annual recognition in LAHHS publications, including event and graduation programs, calendars, and website
  • Complementary tickets to our Gala event and a full-page ad in accompanying tribute journal