Partnership – Global Teen Twinning Program

Due to Covid-19, this program is on hold for the 2020-2021 year. 

The School Twinning Program, sponsored and subsidized by the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, is an exchange program between teenagers from Ironi Dalet High School in Tel Aviv and our Los Angeles Hebrew High School students.

Among the goals of this program is the strengthening of our students’ connections to Israel as a second homeland while developing their pride and sense of Jewish identity. This is accomplished by fostering and creating ongoing relationships and dialogue between the teens, families and institutions of both cities.

Ninth grade students from both schools are partnered and join together in April, when the Israelis are hosted by the American teens’ families, and thereby learn about and experience Jewish pluralism along with their partners’ daily life practices as American Jews.

In December, the delegation from LAHHS is hosted by the Tel Aviv partners and have the opportunity to understand Israeli culture and history as they tour the country and spend time with their peers.

Our students have gained a vast knowledge of Israel through this experience and remember the Partnership as one of the most exciting elements of LAHHS.

"I have been to Israel before, but this program felt different. Staying with an Israeli my age and seeing things from an insider's perspective gave me a whole new appreciation." - Lilia Destin, '19

We visited the Diaspora Museum and they asked, what connects the Jewish people?" This, right here [Partnership] is a pretty good answer for me." - Lauren Goldberg, '19

"I made the most amazing friends from Israel…I think this is an experience everyone should go on." – Dara Baltin