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May The Festival of Lights bring you Joy and Miracles to you and your family!

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Help our powerfully impactful 70 year program which has advanced Hebrew – Jewish Education for 1000s of teens throughout Greater LA. 

Thank you again for all your generosity! Supporters like you make LA Hebrew High shine.  We’re well on our way in raising $360,000 by December 31,2017!
Only $58,000 to go!

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To donate by check, please make checks out to LA Hebrew High School and mail to:
15915 Ventura Blvd., Penthouse 2, 91436
To donate online, just use the form below.

Head of School at Los Angeles Hebrew High


Todah Rabbah to all the generous supporters who have come forward so far. We still need more support to reach our goal.

Please help LA Hebrew High continue to thrive. The Jewish teens need us, and We, the Jewish Community, need them. We are raising funds to raise Jewish leaders  who are proud and knowledgeable of their heritage,  have a positive Jewish identity and love of Israel, and can express themselves in Hebrew!
LA Hebrew High is a unique institution coming up to its 70th year of serving the LA Jewish teen community. Our graduates give back to the community as Jewish leaders.

Examples include:

  • Honored professor at UCLA and consultant to many US presidential candidates – Dr. Steven Spiegel
  • Many UCLA Student Body Presidents including – David Bocarsly
  • Former President UCLA Hillel – Hannah Tudzin
  • Head of the Israeli University IDC Herzylia – Jonathan Davis
  • California State Senator – Ben Allen
  • Founder of Jewish World Watch – Janice Reznik
  • Archaeologist and Biblical Expert – Ziony Zevitt
  • Former L.A. County Supervisor – Zev Yaroslavsky
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce Head of Trade between the United States and China – Jeremie Waterman
  • Amazing Recording Artists and performers – Craig Taubman and Sam Glaser
  • Director of Public Relations at the Israel Ministry of Tourism – Camila Seta
  • Rabbis: Daniel Pressman, Ed Feinstein, Nina Bieber, Ronald Garr, Kalman Appel, Yossi Goldman, Mark Hyman, Ronnie Levine, David Spritzer, Efraim Warshaw, Elliot Spiegel, Matt Michaels, Joel Rembaum, Ralph Resnick, David Resnick, Moshe Rothblum, Micah Hyman, Richard Camras, Lennie Rosenthal, David Hoffman, David Lazar, David Vorspan, Robert Golub, Rick Sherwin, Robert Rome, Stanley Rosen, Ronald Shulman, Joel Wise, Stewart Vogel, Ari Averbach
  • Cantors: Joe Gole, Judy Dubin Aranoff, Mark Gomberg, Nate Lam, Avrum Schwartz, Robert Pflug, Mollie Wine, Jeremy Lipton
  • Medical Doctors: Meyer Bassan, Ron Karsin, Cary Rosenberg, Paul Kranz, Ben Waterman, Gabe Waterman, Jeff Waterman, David Braun, Jon Braun, Larry Neinstein, Burt Liebross, Danny Farkas, David Farkas, Ted Farkas, Rob Titcher, Dan Lieber, Michael Lieber, Lloyd Pilch, Curtis Handler, Eric Handler, Steve Handler, Andrew Spitzer, Debbie Oles, Mitchell Schoen, Joey Gindi, Mark Torbiner, Neil Wenger, Mayer Brenner, Daniel Freeman, Terri Getzug, Lee Rosen, David Smotrich, Eve Guth
  • Educators: David Ackerman, Mike Dinin, Carolyn Reznik Camras, Andy Polsky, Art Williams Dr. Ron Reynolds, Arlene Lepoff, Dr. David Elcott, Howard Gelberd, Mark Lazar, Gregg Alpert, Bernard “Nardy” Samuels, Abby Waterman Gonshor, Janice Smith Tytell, Pam Brainen, Howard Fisher, Robin Kind Graff, Ardyth Sokoler
  • Attorneys and Community Leaders: Milt Hyman, Ben Reznik, Janice Kamenir Reznik, Peter Reynolds, Evelyn Baran, Gloria Baran, Sheila Spiwak, Dr. Gil Graff, Alan Avi Broidy, Jeff Levine, Robert Braun, Doron Tisser, Art Greenberg, Jeff Goss, Susan Jacoby, Elke Landau Coblens Aftergut, Sandy Samuels, Lance Bocarsley, Larry Miller, Rachel Sisk, Howard Pilch, Saul “Sunny” Brenner, Tzivia Schwartz Getzug, Nahum Lainer, Luis Lainer, Mark Lainer, Joann Arison Colker, Danny Spitzer, Marshall Goldberg, Gordon Wallack, Martin Jannol, Harold Masor, Marc Rohatiner, Deborah Barak, Nadine Farber Lavender, Betsy Gindi, Jeffrey Rabin, Stephen Sass, Gail Lesner Bockman, Howard Farber, Larry Greenfield

With that we call upon you to heed our call.
We’re grateful for your support. 


LA Hebrew High has grown over 20% (in the past 3 years) from 110 to 150 students!

Tuition only covers 35% of operational costs. Many students attend on scholarship. We rely on donations!

Funds we raise cover our expansion and operation needs, and enable us to continue to provide extraordinary Jewish education.

GOAL: $58,000 MORE BY 12/31. Help us reach $360,000 by Year’s End! 

Can we count on your to join in preserving LA Hebrew High School for many years to come?



Missed the Gala? Check out the video to see what a wonderful impact LA Hebrew High has made on our alumni!


We thank all those whose generous contributions have enabled Jewish teen education here at LAHHS!


Kayla Pollak photo
“LA Hebrew High provided me with a community of friends and teachers who made me interested in my Judaism. I learned about Israel, Jewish history, Tanach, and most importantly the value of my family, teachers, and identity.”
Kayla Pollack
Alumna, Class of 2016
Freshman, Columbia/JTS
“Hebrew High has provided me with a great opportunity to develop as a Jewish teen along with a group of peers who no doubt will become the next generation of Jewish leaders.”
Aiden Schechter
Senior, LACES
“Hebrew High succeeds in making learning something you enjoy. At Hebrew High you build lifelong friendships with people you will keep in touch with forever! Hebrew High helped shape me into the person I am and the person I am becoming…”
-Danit Hetsroni

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